Benefits of The Bossmaker

The Bossmaker is suitable for the contractor and household user. Our product holds a number of benefits over the traditional paint roller.

  • Reduced straining. You no longer have to overwork your shoulders. Its simple. Set the appropriate angle and rest The BossMaker against the surface to easily apply paint. You can paint walls and ceilings with limited twisting and arm movement. 

  • Change the angle to enjoy greater accessibility around furniture, equipment, and fixtures.  For many jobs, experience less application time.

  • Paint at ease, vertically and horizontally. Get more even pressure contact with The BossMaker's dynamic uni-angle positioning.


Bossmaker Painting Technology

  • Bossmaker Contractor Model
  • Bossmaker Universal Model
  • Bossmaker UniAngle Squeegee
  • Bossmaker Grid Cutter

               THE BOSSMAKER




About Us

Developed by a small shop in Minnesota, we have been selling The BossMaker for over 15 years.

We invite you to take a look around our website and encourage you to try the Bossmaker for your next project!

The Bossmaker is a robust   paint application product used by businesses and individuals.

Our patented delivery system allows you to control the angle of application -- saving you time and energy. 

With uni-angle capability, The Bossmaker allows for more diversified use and easier cleanup.


We're here to help you with your painting needs. Painting can get messy. So, If you have project coming up, and want the best experience,try The Bossmaker.

Our mission is to help the you have a seamless painting experience. Whether your project is indoors or outdoors, our product stands to outperform the conventional roller.